• Day Trips

    Whether sailing or motoring, get out on the water and see what the bay has to offer.

  • Overnight Trips

    Spend the night on our boat. Get to experience the freedom and sense of adventure of sailing the sea.

  • Fishing Trips

    Charter a boat to take you and your friends or family out fishing on the bay.

  • ISA Courses

    Take charge of your own boat with our ISA certified courses. Fully Registered and Certified.

Based in the Heart of Galway

  • About Us

    Have you ever wandered down the prom and wondered what was on the other side of the bay? Or thought about what might be around the corner in Connemara? Have you ever looked out to the sea and wondered how it feels to look in?

  • Customer Reviews

    We have lived in Galway all our lives and we never though of going out in a yacht on the bay – but once we did we got to see Galway from a totally different perspective. Simply stunning! Highly Recommended The Flaherty Family, Family Day Sailing.